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You have to consider the possibility that God dosen't like you

Feb. 21st, 2005

01:52 pm

New journal: weiner_poon

AIM: Weinerp00n

I'm adding erryone.

Current Music: Futures - Jimmy Eat World

Jan. 5th, 2005

11:35 am

Pre- drunken new yearsCollapse )

Jan. 4th, 2005

05:35 pm - Sooooo gay!

Emo Boyfriend
Favourite Color
His Name David
His Looks/Style Curly-ish brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, labret pierced, tight tshirts, tight pants, skate shoes
How you met McDonald's
How he tells you he loves you Gives you flowers every day
What he calls you Hunny
How far you've gone you lost your virginity to each other
This fun quiz by _shelovedaboy - Taken 62091 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

Sep. 25th, 2004

05:32 pm

3=======================)~~~~~ theonlyshano

Aug. 2nd, 2004

07:37 pm - I'm bored with this name

My new one is Theonlyshano



Jul. 27th, 2004

11:04 am

The fair starts today. Be there or be not having fun.

Jul. 14th, 2004

02:52 pm

Last night I saw Napoleon Dynamite and I laughed my ass off the whole effin time. It's so good. When it comes out you need to see it, it's only playing in a few theatres right now. I also found out Kid Rock is playing 8/26 at DTE, tix go on sale saturday, I can't wait:-D Today on my way home from work I was on the freeway and I was doing 80 and this cop came up behind me and rode my tail so close, I was pissed off so bad, I got into the right lane and when he drove by he was like laughing at me so I gave him the finger and he just shook his head and took off. God I hate cops. When my aunt sends me pics I'll psot them and tell you guys my Toronto story, I got high:-).

Jul. 8th, 2004

11:52 am - New Car Wash?!?!?!?!?!?

Last night after work my dad called me and asked if I wanted to go down to 13& Kelly to look at a new car wash. So I met him in Sterling Heights and we went down there. It needs some cosmetic work like new signs and stuff but it looks pretty cool plus it's right by Gratiot so I can go cruise in the "Freshcort" after I get done working:-P Oh and inside their detailing bay is a freakin Ferarri, it was so bad ass. I told my dad we should get it jsut because the crossroad is Kelly...Kelly's Car Wash/ Kelly Rd. it's and Omen. :-) And another plus is if we get it we'll be 5 miles from Lake St. Clair and my dad said he would finally get the 30 footer if we got the wash:-) Score!!

Jul. 5th, 2004

12:29 pm - I'm better than you and I know it.

Today I was shooting the spud gun and it wasn't going off so I took the cap off and hit the lighter to see if I was getting any spark and when I did, it sparked and a huge ball of flame came out and stupid me decided to put my face up close and try to blow it out :-/ All that happened was the flame shot back into my face and burned my eyebrows and eyelashes and lips and nose, luckily it just got like the tips of the hairs and you can't tell :-) But my nose and lips hurt bad. Love me:-(

Jul. 4th, 2004

01:52 pm

I am so punkCollapse )

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